Negotiation & Follow Up

The key to success in a foreign country is to learn as much about the country

The negotiation process can be easy or very harsh. It depends on the subject, negotiators’ skills, importance of the result and limits of the negotiation

Negotiations are usually made with managers who have decision-making power

As first impressions are crucial to success, you should pay attention to facial expressions, comments and attitudes

After a business meeting, the host is usually responsible for preparing the minutes of the meeting, which should summarise the main points of discussion

Giving the meeting participants the opportunity to comment and allow for any modifications, before a formal agreement is written up

Most company owners and managers are still male, so it will be rare to meet with a female manager in a negotiation process

Due to historical problems with fraud and fake investment deals, partners on both sides should be expected to perform their own due diligence to ensure the authenticity of the partnership arrangement

You should also pay attention to body language

Romanians have an appreciation for a healthy mind and body

Businesses have different rules regarding service providers and generally accepted codes of conduct

There is nothing worse than your partner not understanding your ideas

Some deals fail even though the ideas behind them are great, simply because the message could not get through

Set clear objectives in advance with a solid understanding of what is required to achieve those objectives

Being well prepared allows you to project confidence and show that you know what you’re doing

Sometimes a mandate letter is requested by the Romanian partner to certify that the persons involved in the negotiation process are genuinely representing the company

You will be expected to ask questions and present real case examples

Negotiation is perhaps the most important part of doing business in Romania

After a formal contract has been approved and signed, further communication may be required to implement goals, resolve operational issues and report on partnership milestones and deliverables

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