Business Meeting

Always be punctual, but do not be surprised if your Russian contacts are not

Russian companions will be far more interested in the personal side of your character, than your business agenda.

Have some background information, on world famous Russians such as Tchaikovski, Tolstoy, Chekov, Pushkin

When meeting someone, simply state your family name without any additional greeting

Ensure that you learn the titles of everyone you plan to encounter, as these distinctions are extremely important in this culture

It is not unusual for a Russian to be one or two hours late for an appointment

The more important the meeting is for your Russian counterparts, the more punctual they will be

Allow plenty of time for each appointment

Your Russian colleagues will be delighted if you make the effort, to speak even a few sentences of their language

Russians are sometimes very careful about what they say, and may revert to speaking metaphorically

Bringing up the subject of Russian culture and history can be an appreciated gesture

Russians are extremely educated

Personal questions are best avoided

The use of business cards is common. be sure to bring a plentiful supply of cards

Ensure that all of your correspondence is keyed in Russian, as this will allow your letters to be received and read with greater promptness

It’s recommended that you bring all of the documents you need with you

Russian business culture has a deeply entrenched hierarchy,  Superiors have authority over their subordinates, and are ultimately responsible for the final decision

It’s essential for women business travellers to dress and act professionally at all times

When decision-makers are present, meetings can be a time for all participants to exchange information and ideas

Express your own distrust of authority or excessive bureaucracy whenever you can

Having a drink with your Russian counterparts is one of the easiest ways to establish good will

Russian managers will discuss problems without concrete solutions in hand

Deal with the key decision-makers, rather than ‘gate-keepers’ or others

Ensure that you have a contact outside of the negotiations who is an expert in Russian law

Allowing your Russian contact to get to know you personally, is an essential part of successfully conducting business

When you are running a meeting ensure that you have a plentiful supply of soft drinks, tea, coffee, cookies, and similar snacks. Moreover, do not serve beverages in plastic cups

Ensure that all members of your team understand and agree on precisely, what they want to achieve from the deal. Then, put all of these points in writing and bring this document to the meeting

Do not expect Russians to work after-hours on weekends or during vacation periods

Meetings will often be interrupted by phone calls or visitors

Never treat them in a patronizing manner

Meetings and debates of Russian managers often exceed allotted time limits, and tend to move away from their initial agendas

Appointments they may last far longer than originally planned

Visitors should try to speak in a calm, moderate, tone of voice at all times

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