Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Russians take pleasure in giving and receiving gifts

Begin eating only after somebody says a toast, even if there is no alcohol on the table

Your hands are expected to remain visible above the table

Refusing to drink is unacceptable unless you give a plausible excuse

Be sure to bring an assortment of gifts, so that you will always have something appropriate to give

Gifts for children are usually opened in private, while gifts for adults are generally opened in the presence of others

Bringing a bouquet of flowers for women you are visiting  is a good idea

You should be seated on the opposite side of the table from your Russian counterparts

If there are children in the family, it is thoughtful acknowledge them with a small gift, such as a toy or candy

It is considered bad luck to give a pregnant woman a baby gift until after the baby is born

Avoid yellow flowers

Business breakfast is not a part of Russian business culture

Business dining is getting more and more popular in Russia for making decisions, negotiating, or getting acquainted

Book an appropriate restaurant, that is, it shouldn’t be loud with music or overcrowded

Russians spend a lot of money on gifts. Avoid giving gifts such as pencils, pens, lighters cheap wine or vodka

When invited to a Russian home, bring a gift of chocolates, dessert items, good wine, or other alcohol

The business dinner is generally a time for “sealing” a deal

If your Russian companions decide to invite you out, expect to be treated to lavish entertaining in a restaurant

The center seats are reserved for the most senior officials

Know when it’s time to stop, since every time you drain your glass, you may be urged to have a “refill”

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