Negotiation & Follow Up

When a Russian touches another person during conversation, it is usually a sign of confidence

Praising and rewarding anyone in public is viewed only with suspicion

It will take a long time for decisions to be made in this country

If you are a parent, showing photographs of your children can be an effective way of building good will

Russian negotiators will often make minor concessions and ask for major ones in return

All written documentation is very important

The Russians will sometimes insist on having a “protokol” similar to minutes, detailing what has been discussed in the course of a meeting

It’s an asset to have your business card translated into Russian on the reverse side

Delay tactics, emotional outbursts, threats, and other pressures are to be expected, but must be resisted. Instead, do everything you can to insist that negotiations emphasize mutual benefits and needs

Once a contract is singed, don’t be surprised if terms in the contract are not met. It is quite common for Russians to attempt to make modifications

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