Business Meeting

When an elderly person enters a room, it is expected that you will stand up in order to greet them

Maintain direct eye contact while speaking,as a sign of sincerity

The use of hand gestures and facial expressions in conversation is very common

Remember to slow your speech down and to speak clearly

The ability to listen and show patience are the two qualities that the Turks appreciate most highly

You may be asked about your family, interests, cultural and historical questions about your home country, or sports

Turkish people like talking about their family and personal interests

When speaking- it is important to maintain eye contact since this conveys sincerity and helps build a trusting relationship

Rather than ‘get down to business’, engage in some small talk and always wait for the other to initiate the change in topic

Turkish people value punctuality, and expect international professionals engaging in business with them to do the same

If for some reason you are going to be late, it is essential to call ahead as soon as possible with a reasonable explanation

first meeting is more social than business

Their aim is to get to know you and it is extremely rude to insist on talking about business right away

Business is taken very seriously in Turkey and meetings will have formal protocols and agenda that should be respected

Business may or may not get discussed in the first meeting as agenda items may not be strictly adhered to

You should let your Turkish counterpart lead the discussion

Presentations should always be short and to the point

Make sure that you have a clearly structured proposal

Turks tend to be very proud and may be easily offended; so be careful not to embarrass another person

Turkish people usually do business with those they trust, like and respect

Don’t use high pressure tactics in order to close a deal, as it may turn against you

Decision-making is a slow process, so be patient

Avoid using too much text since Turks like to communicate visually and orally

Try using diagrams and graphics wherever possible, and avoid complicated expressions and difficult words

It is important that your proposal clearly shows, the mutual profitability and benefits of any agreement or partnership

You have to win Turkish people’s trust before doing business with them

Meetings are important for Turkish business people

It would be a good idea for meeting to be scheduled one to two weeks in advance

Send details about the people who will be coming to the meeting, including their positions, titles and responsibilities

At meetings, documentation should be provided in both English and Turkish

Small talk is useful for opening communication with most Turkish people

When greeting, always greet the oldest person first; Turks have a great respect for the elderly

Exchanging gifts is not necessary in the Turkish business culture, although they would be accepted with gratitude

Maintain eye contact while speaking

It is a good idea to be familiar with Turkish business etiquette before doing business with the Turks

Crossing  your arms or putting  your hands in your pockets while facing or talking to someone is impolite

Staring is common among the Turkish people, so don’t be concerned if you are stared at

It is unfriendly to step backwards if a Turk is standing close to you, as they tend to stand quite close when speaking

Make sure that your first contact is through a third party that is well respected

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