Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Dress conservatively: suits with tie for men and smart outfits for women are preferred

Don’t talk about business during a business meal unless the subject is brought up by your business counterpart

Business entertaining usually occurs in restaurants

The concept of sharing a bill is completely unfamiliar to them

It is polite to thank the host and return the invitation at the next possible occasion

When you are the host, you should choose a good restaurant and inform the restaurant that you will be paying the bill

For Turks, the meal is a time to relax and engage in some good conversation, and build the relationship on a more personal basis

They are proud of their cuisine

Do not offer to pay; the host always pays for the meal

Business can be discussed during the meal, but it is advisable to let your host direct the topic of conversation

It is customary to bring a gift when going to a Turk’s home for dinner

Since Turkey is a Muslim country, it is often inappropriate to give alcohol as a gift

During the summer, lighter clothes are acceptable; men can wear a shirt and trousers without a jacket

At the end of a meal, tea or Turkish coffee will be served. Turkish coffee is a national drink, so it is important to try it at least once

Be punctual for lunch or dinner. If the invitation was for 8pm, then you must arrive at 8pm

Do not eat or drink before the oldest person at the table has been served and started to eat or drink

Chicken, lamb and fish often form the base of the main course in Turkish cuisine, while pork is expressly forbidden for religious reasons

It is expected that guests will finish all the food on their plates and it may cause offence if you do not

In business relationships, gift giving is not generally practiced

Lunches and dinners are for creating personal relationships

If you decide on giving a gift, it won’t be viewed as an insult, but avoid expensive gifts

In the summer, and especially in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir and Anakara, the weather is very hot and humid. It is acceptable to wear a shirt with trousers and in most cases not to wear a tie

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