Negotiation & Follow Up

Your success is defined by your ability to build effective personal relationships, combined with a clearly outlined and well presented proposal

Many businesses are still family owned and run

When conceding, ensure you present this as a favour and a decision made out of respect and liking for your counterpart

Try to concede only once you have gained agreement on a reciprocal concession on a separate or related issue

Do not use deadlines or pressure tactics

Be patient

Turks will want to do business with those they like, trust, feel comfortable with

Decision making can be slow

It is most likely that you will meet and negotiate with less senior members of a family first

Once you are seen as trustworthy and your proposal financially viable you will then move on to meet more senior members

A decision is ultimately made by the head of the family/company

It may not always be necessary to focus on financial benefits when negotiating

It is just as useful to point to areas such as power, influence, honour, respect and other non-monetary incentives

Turkish business people do not like to be put under pressure and do not like deadlines

Any attempt to hurry the process will only produce negative results

Be prepared to meet several times before the actual bargaining or negotiation stage

It is important to leave room for compromising at different stages

If the negotiation is finished with a deal being reached, you should prepare a written contract, which will be strictly followed and respected by your Turkish counterpart

Turkish business people believe that the principal strength of an agreement, is in their partners’ commitment rather than the actual documentation

The agreement may be lengthy and detailed

There may be times when a signed contract, is broken or

When you have arrived at a reasonable compromise, it should be presented in such a way that shows, you made the decision because you like and respect your counterpart

It is recommended to have a local legal expert review the agreement, before the actual signing of the contract

It is not recommended to bring your legal representative to the negotiation table, as it could be taken as a sign of distrust

After the introductions, if your Turkish counterparts offer their business cards, this can be a sign that they are interested in developing a business relationship

You should maintain personal contacts, and share all the relevant information about the negotiation or the project

needs to be modified, so being flexible and maintaining trust, is important to nurturing an ongoing business relationship

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