The best practice is to be introduced by a third party

It is often necessary to plan a long time ahead when arranging meetings with senior executives

There is some probability that you will encounter a business professional speaking a foreign language as their numbers are continually increasing

A handshake is the usual form of greeting on introduction

It is advisable to avoid explicit gestures and physical contact such as backslapping or hugging

Always confirm the details of any meeting by telephone or email and ask for directions

You should allow conversations to develop organically, following the lead of the person you are talking you

People tend to be more open and friendly outside of London and in the North in particular

English is the official and predominantly spoken language in the UK

Foreign language competence amongst British managers is generally poor

You do not need to panic if something goes wrong during your stay and interferes with your schedule

The most suitable time to arrange a business meeting is probably about 10am

It is generally advisable to open a conversation with a neutral topic, such as the weather

Maintain a sufficient distance not to invade the personal space of anyone around you

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