Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Gift Giving is not a usual part of British business etiquette

Where a gift is offered, it is important to ensure that it is not expensive enough to be considered a bribe

If a gift is received in public, it is advisable to open it immediately and express your gratitude to the giver

The successful conclusion of negotiations presents an ideal opportunity for gift giving

If you receive an invitation to dinner or a party at the home of one of your business colleagues, it is normal to bring a bottle of wine and possibly a small gift such as flowers or chocolates

When giving flowers beware that red roses  and white lilies  are best avoided

When it comes to business dress codes, classical conservative attire is the norm for both men and women

It is common for women to wear either trousers or a skirt in an office environment

Different food names can have different meanings depending on which area of the country you are

British managers are very willing to discuss business matters over a meal, where the intention is clear beforehand

The golden rule is to follow the lead of your host, since people will inevitably differ in terms of their business entertaining practice

Many senior managers are fond of quality and express their status through their choice of clothing

When in doubt about the dress code for a particular business event, it is advisable to be overdressed rather than risk making a poor impression

Britain has some of the most prominent and expensive restaurants in the world, particularly in London and other major cities

it is acceptable to use any business meal as an opportunity for informal discussions and the development of social bonds

It is important to take note of the exact time of the meal

Confusion around meal times is rife and, in fact, the British will also use some of the words interchangeably with meanings often influenced by local dialects

Some organisations are encouraged not to accept any form of gift and some are prevented from doing so on legal grounds

The practice of inviting business colleagues into your home, has diminished considerably and the vast majority of business meals take place in restaurants, pubs or cafes

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