Negotiation & Follow Up

An agreement will not normally be final and complete, until a written contract has been formally signed and witnessed

Bribery and corruption are generally taken very seriously in the United Kingdom

Sending senior individuals provides more credibility and a sense of authority, which is essential for successful business negotiations

It is perfectly acceptable to make a telephone call to the attendees of the meeting, before the next meeting, to follow up on the progress of any action items or clarify any questions that may have arisen

It is good to ensure that open communication channels exist within teams, and if you are joining such a team you should expect this approach

The other area that can be followed up after a meeting is any learning that has emerged from the meeting

It is necessary to keep in mind that British business professionals often approach their work in a detached and emotionless way

They will tend to look for objective facts and solid evidence, so emotional persuasion techniques are usually a waste of time

Personal bonds also seem to have little relevance for business in the UK

Any facial expressions tend to be kept to a minimum, thus making it difficult to guess the thoughts and opinions of British negotiators

It is advisable to be aware of the hierarchical structure, of the particular organisation with which you are dealing

it is common for companies to declare that they value teamwork and democracy even though, in practice, the senior manager is the person who makes the final decision

It is expected that any action items arising from the meeting are documented, and circulated to all attendees

A person should be nominated, usually the person chairing the meeting, to review the action items from the previous meeting, to ensure that progress has been made as expected

The minutes of any formal meeting, will usually be circulated for comment and approval after the meeting has concluded

Actions for any decisions that were taken, including the attribution of responsibilities and deadlines applicable will normally be included in the minutes of group meetings and should always be reviewed

In one-to-one meetings, individuals are normally responsible for making their own record of any important points of discussion and action items

It is crucial to ensure that all the terms and conditions are included in a formal contractual document

A contract will be subject to review and approval by a solicitor or other expert in British contract law

A highly-valued sense of fairness is probably the reason why the British are an honest nation with relatively low levels of corruption

Many executives will be impressed by a prompt follow up of actions agreed at the meeting

Any items discussed that were not fully understood should be researched before any future meeting. This will help to improve confidence and motivation within your team

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